Stainless Steel & Specialty Garage Door Parts

Tough. Lasting. Functional.

   Stainless steel & other specialty overhead garage door hardware manufactured by American Garage Door Supply adds longevity to your garage door systems and improves their day-to-day reliability by greatly reducing the effects that corrosion/rust/oxidation and contaminants create in harsh exposures.

   Garage door parts manufactured with tough, durable stainless steel and other specialty materials reduce maintenance, service and the unexpected costs of downtime. They are proven to deliver an excellent value over time providing you with the peace of mind that your doors will operate safely and reliably even in the worst of exposures.

   Choose our stainless steel and other specialty parts individually for direct replacement for your existing doors or purchase them in a tailored package to equip your favorite door with a hardware package that creates the best customized door product for your specific needs. Great for any new, retrofit or repair project!

Our Stainless Steel and Specialty Garage Door Products Include:

Pusher Springs, SS, Length 27 In, 15" Travel, Pair 3-3/8" Center Bearing Plate w/Greaseable Bearing, SS #1 Stainless Steel Garage Door Hinge, 12 ga.
Stainless Steel Torsion Shafts #4 Stainless Steel Garage Door Hinge, 12 ga. Stainless Steel Hinge Screws
Stainless Adjustable Top Bracket Assembly - Extra Tall Stainless Steel Bottom Bracket, 3" Door, 2/3" Track, DES 3" Bearingless Roller Kits
Commercial 400-12 Cable Drum, Std. Lift, Specialty Coated 2" Track Face Hardware Kit - Single End Stile Couplers, Specialty Coated