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Stainless Steel Garage Door Hardware, Ready for the Challenge!

Stainless steel garage door hardware is essential for keeping doors in high-moisture and other extreme environments as free from corrosion and rust as possible. Choosing stainless steel means more days up and running. It also means saving time and money down the road.

For garage door systems to survive and thrive under extreme conditions, stainless steel is the best material for the job and outlasts all other materials available in the market.

We strongly recommend stainless steel hardware and our other specialty garage door parts for these types of applications or for any other type of wet, corrosive, dirty or hard-working environment.

Universal Design
Fits almost any sectional door. Easy to Install!

Wear and Crack Resistant
Designed and manufactured for durability in
punishing high-use environment.
Manufactured with high quality 304 stainless steel
for unequaled corrosion resistance and durability
in almost any corrosive application.
Excellent in any clean room or wash down area
resulting in minimal bacteria growth in high moisture


* Car Washes
* Food & Sugar Processing Plants
* Cement Yards
* Commercial Washes
* Vegetable Storage Facilities
* Poultry Farms
* Marine Environments
* Agricultural Buildings
* Material Handling Areas
* Livestock Barns
* Chemical & Fertilizer Plants
* Coastline Residential Areas
* Dairy Processing Plants
* Meat Processing Facilities
* Mining Plants
* Food Processing Plants
* Water Treatment Plants
* Cold Storage Applications
* Livestock Barns *Fish/Seafood Processing * Salt/Brine Facilities
* Slaughterhouses
*Cold Storage Facilities
* Custom Residential