Magnum Garage Door Roller
Magnum Garage Door Roller

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Magnum Garage Door Roller

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Size:2" Short Stem (4 1/2")

The Original Magnum Garage Door Roller.

This garage door roller completely changed the overhead door industry when it first came out, and continues to keep facilities across the country running problem free.

Innovative design, advanced engineering and superior materials make Magnum garage door rollers the only choice to compliment your high quality door system. These functionally superb rollers are stronger, quieter, maintenance-free and have a higher cycle life than other rollers on the market.

Our Original Magnum Garage Door Rollers feature:

  • Sealed Precision Ball Bearings.
  • Ultra-High Density Polyethylene Tire.
  • Stainless Steel Stem.
  • Stainless Steel Collar.

Our Original Magnum Garage Door Rollers are a great choice for high use, dirty, wet and quiet environments where traditional rollers simply don't cut it.

Original Magnum Rollers

Our Original Magnum Garage Door Rollers are ideal for tough applications where reliability and durability are essential. Your facility will thank you for these.

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Stainless Difference

Our Original Magnum rollers feature a stainless steel stem and a quality roller bearing, making rust and corrosion a thing of the past for your facility.

Car and Truck Wash

Our products were forged in the wash bay industry. Cheap rollers with exposed bearings cause a significant amount of door downtime, our Magnum Supreme Door Rollers solve that problem.

DOT Salt Sheds

Salt sheds are extremely corrosive and exposed to all elements. Our garage door rollers are one of the only options available in this industry.

Lube Centers

Lube Centers and Auto Dealerships know how important reliable doors are. Our rollers keep the operation running smooth day in and day out.

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